Our Budtenders

Lisa S

Hi there, my favorite cannabis is anything boxhot vape cartridge is my go to in the evening it helps me sleep through the night. Enjoy!

Jordan S

My name is Jordan, and I have been using cannabis products for 8 years. I currently enjoy smoking CBD flower. I will occasionally mix some THC with my CBD flower. My favourite product right now is the pure sunfarms B3(CBD) flower it really helps with my anxiety and makes me feel relaxed and happy, available at island smoke!


Hi! My name is melissa and ive been using cannabis for pain management the past few years. Personally I love a good indica flower with high thc and terpenes, but for pain I love a 1:1 balanced cream. My current cream is solei balance citrus cream. If your curious about balanced creams or something else don’t be afraid to come in to island smoke and ask, id love to answer your questions!


Hey y’all! My name is Ash I am a big fan of cannabis being used for pain relief and relaxation. My favourite cannabis product so far is the wyld pear CBG gummies not only does it taste good, but the effects of the CBG & THC helps reduce stress, anexity an overall helps me feel relaxed. This is available at island smoke, so come on in and we will be happy to assist you in your cannabis needs.

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