Our Budtenders

Lisa S

Hi there, my favorite cannabis is anything from top leaf, Strawberry cream 510 thread cartridge by top leaf is my go to in the evening it helps me sleep through the night. Enjoy!

Michael C

Ive been interested in cannabis and its research for over 10 years. I almost always go for mellow and relaxing indicas. As things evolve ive become more interested in topicals and extracts as the most interesting products being released right now are in that area. Since island smoke opened ive personally tried over 80 strains.


Hey there, My name is Cameron and I’m a big indica guy. My go to is Houseplant indica, it relaxes me and is just lights out! Plus who doesn’t like Seth Rogan, come grab yours today here at island smoke!


Hi, My name is James! I have been using cannabis products both recreationally and medically for over a decade. My interests lay heavily in vaping and terpene distillation, as well as the use of CBN and CBG alongside THC and CBD. My favourite products are the sativa heavy hybrids and I’m a huge fan of Carmel’s grow operation and strain selection. Stop in and say hi

Jordan S

My name is Jordan, and I have been using cannabis products for 8 years. I currently enjoy smoking CBD flower. I will occasionally mix some THC with my CBD flower. My favourite product right now is the pure sunfarms B3(CBD) flower it really helps with my anxiety and makes me feel relaxed and happy, available at island smoke!


Hello, My name is Logan! I have been a cannabis user for 8 plus years. My favourite product to smoke is the Animal Face Pre rolls. It tastes like lemons and sunshine. I love this sativa because I feel energized and ready to take on the day.

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